ZhongJing wine company is located in western province of China, WuZhou. With 65 million people living in the provinces, we made sure that our brand and presence is well recognised.

We are one of the leading fine wine merchants and import domestic and wines from other countries, such as: USA, Portugal, Italy, Australia and France.

We specialise in wholesale and our market is aimed at group purchases, entertainment venues, hotels, companies, public institutions.

1. We are compliant with regulations and hold licenses allowing us to conduct our business in line with legal requirements. To ensure global standards, professional wine tester JianBiao Zhuang , wine master in 2004. JianBiao Zhuang is president of our company and is based in China and we employed professional wine tester William Chen, wine master in 2009. David Chen is vice president of our company and is based in London.

We visits the winery regularly in order to have a thorough knowledge of the different grapes and to inspect grape vines growing conditions, harvest techniques and wine making technologies. This control process ensures that the quality of our wines is of the highest.

2. Our business strategy is to order the wines straight from the chateau. We do not use trade intermediaries which allows us to reduce unnecessary costs and enhance the competitiveness at the same time. The whole process from start to finish is conducted by our company (i.e. order, transportation arrangements, import clearance, warehouse storage to sales operations). By taking an extra step we ensure that all the wines are authentic.

3. We have a strong and professional customer service team. We value our customers and ensure that our staff is well trained and delivers the highest quality of service.

Our company's motto is "Customer first, continuous innovation, honesty and trustworthiness."