Set up in 2008 as a small independent business, Leaf is an invitation to discover the satisfaction and simplicity of quality leaf teas and infusions.

Leaf is the perfect place to get started with leaf teas, with simple, authentic, delicious, top quality crops that will please your senses with a whole new world of tastes beyond the everyday tea you know.

All Leaf's products are carefully chosen, great tasting and visually stunning, available in loose leaf in simple resealable bags. Most important of all they are 100% NATURAL, that's our promise, and all hand packed in our workshop, using health packed young leaves.

Buying quality tea means paying prices per kilo to growers well above mainstream teas, but beyond this we will give 10% of Leaf profits after Tax and Interest to benefit projects that have a further positive social and environmental impact on the conditions of tea workers. This allows us, when sucess there is, to share this success with the persons who have allowed us to have great products in the first place.

After time spent in the food and drinks industry, including the tea sector, Leaf’s founder simply had enough of the industrialization and uniformization of products, and wanted to do her bit against this wave. "I enjoy simple, honest, tasty food. I find great satisfaction in simplicity and quality. That's the same with tea."